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A foul aftertaste reminiscent of dirty bung-hole.
This diet pop leaves an asstertaste in my mouth!
by Fodderwing June 22, 2005
The shitty taste in your mouth after you eat out someone's asshole.
I got wasted last night, ate out my girlfriend's ass and now I have the worst asstertaste!
by Notoriose July 20, 2009
Portmanteau of ass + after taste. Typically used when describing a food or drink with a bad after taste.
Well hopefully this beer won't have the asstertaste like the last one.
by c0rrupt November 20, 2005
The taste after eating something that seems to leave an after taste that is comparable to the imagined taste of ass.
Sam: Dude the new Twix candy has only 130 calories!
Jeff: True, butt they leave a terrible Asstertaste in your mouth.
by Daddy GaGa March 08, 2010
The taste left in ones mouth after tossing salad.
"Tossing Staisy's salad left a bad asstertaste in my mouth."
by Cherie Brennan December 09, 2008
Having the after taste of butt hole. Usually used in the context of having recently tossed salad.

Also used as nasstertaste if the asstertaste is particularly unpleasant.
dude 1 - man after tossing that chicks salad i had some serious nasstertaste
dude 2 - well you cant really expect a pleasant asstertaste..... i mean you saw her consume a whole bowl of chili with onions
by GOD -1 March 01, 2011

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