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To stutter or make long pauses when you are talking.
Oh man, I was on stage giving my speech and I got nervous and george bushed it.
by c0rrupt October 17, 2004
to have sex with someone and later forget about the incident.
<~p1g> dude, she looks ok , I would use the hit it and forget it.
by c0rrupt September 04, 2004
Portmanteau of ass + after taste. Typically used when describing a food or drink with a bad after taste.
Well hopefully this beer won't have the asstertaste like the last one.
by c0rrupt November 20, 2005
A fucked up IRC server (irc.scoobynet.org) mostly used by rednecks, and other types of fuckups in the southern ohio region.
bubba: lets connect to irc.scoobynet.org and try to abduct little 12 year old girls.
billy joe: sounds like a plan!
by c0rrupt December 23, 2003
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