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1. macis's cock
2. any tool used to create a flappy ass
mike assrammed jorge until flappy.
by jorge March 12, 2004
to have anal sex with something, especially anal rape.
To avoid getting assrammed in prison: if you drop the soap in the shower, do not bend over to pick it up. End your shower immediately.
by SoulfulZen April 25, 2005
ASSRAM Anti-tank Sabot Shedding Rocket Assisted Munition
The enemy tanks were ripped to shreds when hit by assram.
by Neil from Chemainus March 18, 2006
The process by which a man sticks his erect penis into that of the asshole of the same sex, or different.
I heard that Sam got ass rammed by Tj
by DW June 15, 2003
to fuck a man/woman in the ass at full force of which is possible by the man
"DUDE!! I heard that Eminem got ass rammed by Dr. Dre!"
by James March 26, 2004
An extremely attractive woman that can only be elaborated on in the motion of a pelvic thrust.
OMG!!! DID YOU SEE ASSRAM TODAY?! SHE'S.....I MEAN.....AHHHHH!!!!!(pelvic thrust at an adjacent time, whilst also throwing arms at full force behind one's backend)
by Jordan1809 May 26, 2005