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leader of the gayass army, drives a beacon, often times is seen assraming anyone with a ass, usualy men, see also pacenta
dude dont be such a captain assram, your being a fagget magnet
by TahoeMan98 February 01, 2005
What you call one who asks too many questions, when he already knows the answer, see also dumbass
jim asks chase what time it is, chase replies 6pm, jim walks over to dave, and asks dave the time, dave replies 6pm, once again jim walks over to another person. This time it jeff, he asks jeff the time of day, and jeff replies, dude dont be a pacenta
by TahoeMan98 February 01, 2005
a term in automobiles, when describing a bright colored car or truck, which are often very underpowered, and suck $ for $- see also my friends 1500
dude your trucks a total beacon "no way its a work truck", work truck you say what part of it does work, its color is gayman blue, and its 4.3 V-6 belongs in a S-10 (no offense to chevys i own 1 myself)
by TahoeMan98 February 01, 2005
state that i live in, has nice places, and nice people, often times the weather is said to be gay, or bastardish, as it maybe 60 out one day and 25 the next with 6 inches of snow on the ground.
dude i want to live in ohio
why would you say such a thing, they have crazy weather
yeah but they have bob taft!
by TahoeMan98 February 21, 2005
annoying last name, that usualy belongs to rich people, who think there good at everything, and try everything. Its all fun and games for them until the real world sets in.
Kevin Haas, what a haas, he has nicer cars than my parents
by TahoeMan98 February 22, 2005

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