ASSRAM Anti-tank Sabot Shedding Rocket Assisted Munition
The enemy tanks were ripped to shreds when hit by assram.
by Neil from Chemainus March 18, 2006
Top Definition
to have anal sex with something, especially anal rape.
To avoid getting assrammed in prison: if you drop the soap in the shower, do not bend over to pick it up. End your shower immediately.
by SoulfulZen April 25, 2005
The process by which a man sticks his erect penis into that of the asshole of the same sex, or different.
I heard that Sam got ass rammed by Tj
by DW June 15, 2003
An extremely attractive woman that can only be elaborated on in the motion of a pelvic thrust.
OMG!!! DID YOU SEE ASSRAM TODAY?! SHE'S.....I MEAN.....AHHHHH!!!!!(pelvic thrust at an adjacent time, whilst also throwing arms at full force behind one's backend)
by Jordan1809 May 26, 2005
to fuck a man/woman in the ass at full force of which is possible by the man
"DUDE!! I heard that Eminem got ass rammed by Dr. Dre!"
by James March 26, 2004
1. macis's cock
2. any tool used to create a flappy ass
mike assrammed jorge until flappy.
by jorge March 12, 2004
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