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The condition of the urgent need of a toilet because of upcoming mass defecation. The large intestine usually builds in gas pressure repeatedly, then fortunately subsides as you drive around looking for the best fast food restaurant to rush the restroom. As you park, the inevitable last build throws you from the car, you burst into a stall, and you barely drop your pants in time before the assplosion occurs. If your ass does not create a seal with the seat, the assplosion produces colorful feces all around the stall including walls, toilet, floor, and sometimes ceiling. Strangely, the toilet paper is untouched so you are able to make a clean getaway and vow never to return to that establishment. It makes for a good story every time you pass another similar restaurant.
We can't go to that Wendey's again because of the assplosion of 2011.
#ass #shit #diarrhea #mess #food #wendey's
by urbanparker May 04, 2015
extemely wet, violently forceful diarrhea, which explodes from from the anus in one awesome deluge.
After eating Taco Bell I had a massive assplosion.
by Bud Drayton November 13, 2002
The art of projectile-style defecation. The end result is a messy, steamy, smelly possible smoke filled (we don't get it either) bathroom who's cleaning requires at least a firehose and a bucket of bleach.
Assplosions have been known to inexplicably end up on the underside of the toilet seat.

In ancient China, those capable of the assplosion were looked upon with the highest regard.

see also BM Blowout
Damn cuz, Stewart done dropped another assplosion!
by the_guy January 16, 2005
When your sphincter can no longer contain the gyser like forces in your colon and either matter or gas escapes in such a violent manner that it causes mass distress to everyone around.
1) I was walking by a friend's cubicle when he had an assplosion. I can still see all of my coworkers running much like Harrison Ford would run from a detonating bomb!

2) I was sitting in a stall when someone next to me assploded. The stench was so foul and the sound so wretched, I decided to just wipe later and get the heck out of there!
#fart #gas #poo #ass #shit #poot #liquid
by Jon Sanchez September 05, 2006
An extreme case of diarrhea where very runny feces is excreted unvoluntarily from the anus at inconcievable speeds.
Joe: Why are you limping?
Bob: Damn, that was one hell of an assplosion!
#diarrhea #explosion #assexplosion #asplosion #ass-explosion
by Jazmon May 20, 2007
Unfortunate occurrence in which your butt explodes with diarrhea from eating something that doesn't agree with you. It often interferes with your daily life. Usually followed by burning A-hole.

If such an occurrences happen during social activities the need to excuse yourself is not needed. Simply locate the nearest bathroom facility immediately. If Ass-plotions occur frequently during your day it is best to locate the nearest bathroom facility as soon as you are introduced to a new environment.
Traci ate a chicago style pizza at lunch and came back to work with an assplosion
#explosion #diarrhea #ass-plosion #exploding ass syndrome #pooping
by Aragedie July 15, 2011
Def1. The sudden release of the contents from one's bowels where the toilet bowl has become mottled in texture and color.

Def2. A powerful surge from an infants colon pushing upward and passing the boundaries of the elastic bands. Usually a huge mess.
Usage of Def1 in a sentence:

I swear I had an assplosion in there after eating that Grand Slam breakfast and 3 cups of black coffee.

Usage of Def2 in a sentence:

My baby literally had an assplosion that wasn't contained in their pampers.
#bathroom #load #accident #toilet #mess
by Will1492 June 29, 2009
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