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sarcastic enthusiasm, excitement
Have you seen "Gladiator"? It's assome!
by Timothy McCoy February 08, 2005
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Assome is a word in which expresses something as more than "Awesome".
Dude your car is assome
by Devin Dickless November 27, 2007
An ass (or booty) that is awesome; a particularly hot ass
"Damn that booty is assome!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
To be better than awesme and mor exiting
Man i got laid last night and it was ASSOME!!!
by Penis Head November 28, 2007
The kind of Awesome that you can only become if you have been drinking Gin
Oh Johnny, you're so assome
by Johnny Assome July 05, 2010
a work meaning a piece of shit or a horrible misspelling of awesome, if you misspell awesome go back to 3rd grade dumbass
"dude that shit is assome"
"no shit sherlock, it is shit after all"
"lets take a picture and post it on youtube"
"lets not fuckface"
by i9dave May 04, 2008

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