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An ass (or booty) that is awesome; a particularly hot ass
"Damn that booty is assome!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
Used when one tries to hold back from using the "F word" but immediately after is much too excited and just says "Fuckin'" right afterwards anyway-combining the two into one word; often used when intoxicated & cannot control the usage of profanity
"I effin'-fuckin' love you man!!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
An event of which a large amount of people continuously drink; an abundance of drunk
"BVJ is one giant drunkfest"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
An abundance of inappropriate behavior/language
"That is enough inappropriation"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
A fantastic (or extreme) amount of being an ass
"Wow, you are really being asstastic today!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008

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