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5 definitions by Courtster

An ass (or booty) that is awesome; a particularly hot ass
"Damn that booty is assome!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
11 4
An event of which a large amount of people continuously drink; an abundance of drunk
"BVJ is one giant drunkfest"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
5 2
Used when one tries to hold back from using the "F word" but immediately after is much too excited and just says "Fuckin'" right afterwards anyway-combining the two into one word; often used when intoxicated & cannot control the usage of profanity
"I effin'-fuckin' love you man!!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
8 5
A fantastic (or extreme) amount of being an ass
"Wow, you are really being asstastic today!"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
2 1
An abundance of inappropriate behavior/language
"That is enough inappropriation"
by Courtster May 03, 2008
1 1