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the way or style in which someone walks with his or her buttocks when viewing them from behind.
feeling really groovy in her new jeans, veronica really turned heads with her assitude.
by von wenkel March 11, 2004
when ur attitude is that of an ass
Bitch got sum assitude
Word she's acting like n ass
by Jer Boi January 18, 2007
1. One's attitude resembling an asshole's attitude.
2. An ego maniac, jock, artist, or whatever--think "Kanye West's ego".
3. Or simply, asshole's attitude.
1.I can't believe that jerk cut you off! He has some major assitude!
2. What a show-off, this d-bag has as much assitude as Kanye West!
3. His assitude is really pissing me off! What an ass!
by RAMBAMF August 01, 2013
The scale with which one can be rated as an ass, asshole, asshat, or any combination thereof. These people generally fall along the lines of what is described in Denis Leary's "Asshole" song. Ratings of assitude can range from your average tribal-tatted, grunting gym rat all the way up to Bernie Madoff.
Person 1: That guy's assitude just jumped about 50 points. I'm pretty sure I hate him now more than Jersey Shore.

Person 2: Whoa, that's pretty bad.
by Carbomb December 16, 2010
(N), A sense of additude or toughness eminating from one's buttock region.
"DAMN, would you look at the way she walks, she's just got assitude all over!"
by meowfox of doom January 20, 2007
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