Top definition
Ass-ugly, butt-ugly
Ugly as an ass. Even uglier than an ass. Really quite ugly. - painfully ugly.
Too ugly for explanation.

"Oh my god, those shoes are Ass-ugly.."
"What happened to his hair?— it's Ass-ugly!"
or even: "That is AssButt-ugly!"
by Devyani Jackson April 25, 2006
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An ugly person who has a face like a spanked arse.
How could she look that ugly with just one head? Man she was assugly!

Can also be used when a proud mother shows her butt-ugly baby: You sure the baby is the right way up, it is assugly.
by PhilzGud April 19, 2006
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a chick who looks good on the face and tits but her ass is saggy or super small..u want to ram her but she has no ass..
dude i was gonna ram this chick up her ass but she had a assugly so i through up and left
by Dick hard July 10, 2010
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