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the lather that forms on a horses ass when you ride it hard in hot weather.
The barista at Starbucks used ass foam for froth on all of her non-tipping customer's coffees.
by its_memike February 26, 2009
6 2
2 parts shit 1 part cum.
Alex quickly pulled his dick out of his girlfriends ass producing wicked ass foam. She ass foamed everywhere, ruined the sheets.
by ohohface247 January 06, 2012
61 3
The result of explosive diarrhea that looks like a root beer float once it lays to rest in the toilet.
That Mexican food we ate last night gave me such bad ass foam.
by MiTaiSter September 18, 2009
7 1
When somebody spreads his ass cheeks and you spray lysol in his asshole and it turns into a foamy substance called ass foam.
Dan put his ass foam on Joey and joey said meheeeeeeee!!
by bubblehead December 10, 2004
11 22