Asl is just a shortend term for

However it beeing a simple term many people take it to far.

Luke: Hey asl?
Hannah: 14/f/uk

It can go wrong however.
Luke: Hey Asl?
Luke:were abouts in the uk
Hannah: London
Luke:Street/house number maybe we can meet up.

The action you take after this can decide what happenes next because you dont know who they are tbh (tbh= To be honest)

by DeathNotexxx December 10, 2008
age sex location

used by stupid HHers, among others.

question: omg wtf asl?
answer: bobba bobba!
by Denmark October 09, 2004
person1- asl?
person2- 18 female usa
by cyndy27654896 April 15, 2016
American Sign Language

The language deaf people who live in an English country learn to "speak".
I learn ASl to speak using my hands, and body
by I think you're stupid >:( January 24, 2016
Above sea level
The frog is commonly found 600m asl.
by Kurtoid May 07, 2015
What douche bags of the internet say when they want to sext.
M17: asl?
F16: sorry I'm not going to send you nudes nor do I want to be stalked
by Blonde not blind April 26, 2015
When people on Omegle say this, it means they're horny and want to know your Age, Sex and Location (ASL) for exmple: 16, male, Colorado.

Intelligent people shall disconnect after someone says this.
Person 1: Hi!

Person 2: asl

Person 1 disconnects.
by HiimitsuRida March 30, 2015
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