by asl? February 25, 2003
unskilled typo of AOL
person: asl
person: *aol
by Stiano June 19, 2008
Meaning "Age/Sex/Location"; it does not mean someone is calling you an asshole. It's a gamer abbreviation when a person would like to know more details about another player.
"LidoMunkeh, asl?"
"16/F/Canada, you?"
by Parisa Baripour February 26, 2008
Refering to the band A Static Lullaby
I went to the ASL concert last night. It was awesome.
by Turd Burgle December 09, 2006
American School in London

thats in england.

Where all the cool ppl go.
Im Israeli but i go to asl, and i have and Indian friend who goes there too. and canadians, but they dont count for nothing...
by A-Dogg to the Izzle January 10, 2006
asl is an acronym for anal sex legitimised
The sexspecialist took her lover to her bedroom.
As she was stripping for some sexy hot action she said "asl".
by Three Blondes in Black Skirts January 02, 2006
Acronym for "American Sign Language"
My sister had been diagnosed with a severe hearing impairment so we are all learning ASL so we can find a different way to talk to her; without speaking and instead using our hands, so we can communicate with people who struggle with hearing sounds with more precision, speed, and ease!
by Prof. Andi June 20, 2016
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