American Sign Language
my sister took ASL but shes no good at it.
by me January 08, 2003
It's just short for age/sex/location. People ask this to find out a little about the person they are chatting to.
Random1: asl?
Random2: 16/f/cali
Random1: cool
Random2: u?
Random1: 17/m/florida
by SundayMorning March 03, 2005
An abbreviation people use on chatting sites such as Chatroulette and Omegle. It stands for Age Sex Location. When you see someone use this you should skip them immediately because it usually means they are looking for cyber sex. (unless you yourself are looking for that kind of thing, of course)
Stranger: ASL?
You: No I don't want to have cyber sex *disconnect
#age #sex #location #cyber #online #omegle #chatroulette
by Ahsemtheweirdsinner November 13, 2013
3 Letters you can type to ask a quick 3 questions:
"Hey, what's your asl?"

" 23, Male, Florida."
#asl #age #sex #location #pi
by ryan55255 April 20, 2011
Age, sex, location. Often used online in chat rooms.
Person 1 - ASL?
Person 2 - 18/F/Cali
Person 1 - Very nice
#asl #sex #location #age #als #lsa
by Green_Hen October 16, 2009
lame thing to say if your a clueless newbie. Stands for Age Sex Location.
Hi, im after netsex asl?
by louis October 17, 2001
Asl is just a shortend term for

However it beeing a simple term many people take it to far.

Luke: Hey asl?
Hannah: 14/f/uk

It can go wrong however.
Luke: Hey Asl?
Luke:were abouts in the uk
Hannah: London
Luke:Street/house number maybe we can meet up.

The action you take after this can decide what happenes next because you dont know who they are tbh (tbh= To be honest)

#asl #age #sex #location #asl?
by DeathNotexxx December 10, 2008
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