A word used by people trying to gain personal information. They usually ask you first, and lie bye either saying they are older or the same age.

Most people say ª this to hide their age, and mask who they truely are. The dumber people give out their town and street adress. Which is usually followed by mail or a doorbell ring.

If you really are going to give out this basic information, make it as general as possible.

asl is sometimes written as: a.s.l, a/s/l, age, sex, location, a;s;l, a:s:l, or a's'l. There are sometimes captial letters and different arrangements, like: a/l, s/l/a, l/s/a, sex, location, and age, or l's'a.

Most of the time people know the person's sex, but people like me make it as fun as possible.

ªGirl who is actually 10: Hey, asl?
Guy: 16/m/florida, you?
Girl who is actually 10: 17/f/California
Guy: Cool

Girl: Hey, asl
Guy: Between 13-18/m/North America
Girl: uhmmm, you're a loser, go **** a **** you *****.
Guy: -_- What's your asl?
Girl: 11/f/4 Jemble Lane Los Angeles, California. Why?
Guy: lmao *signs off or blocks*

Hmm, my screen name might be thecoolestguy54,
yet she asks: Hey, asl?
I sometimes say: 93/m and f/Mexico
Which is followed by blocking, flamming, etc.
by Mac the Boy September 19, 2005
Something a newbie will say when meeting people online for the first time. Commonly associated with pedophiles and child serial killers who use hacksaws and occasionaly paper cut their victims to death.
morongirl22: Hey, asl?
insomniac: err fym
morongirl22: Oooh what does that mean?
insomniac: fuck your mother
#newb #newbie #slang #pedophiles #pedophila #children
by insomniac888 October 04, 2006
American Sign Language. a cultural minority or Deaf persons who communicate using gestures and facial expressions (signs)
At my high school, one choice of a second language is ASL
#american #sign #language #deaf #asl
by Average Brake April 05, 2009
pick up line used by pedofiles on the internet.
pervertattheageof43 butposingasa15yearoldguy: ASL everyone?
hottie8945: 15 f cal, u?
pervertattheageof42 butposingasa15yearguy: 15 m cal, want to met?
#asl #asl? #everyone asl #every1 asl #asl yall
by J.Costly June 12, 2007
A sure mark of a moron on IRC.
moron> HI!!! ASL?!
usera> ....

moron has been kicked.
#irc #age sex location #newbies #internet #chat
by kyrn April 28, 2006
ASL: A slice of Lemon. As preffered by some internet users in a nice refreshing gin and tonic.
Don't forget ASL in my ice tea!
by Lt. Handjob September 09, 2005
instant message lingo, stands for age/sex/location
Zer0 racer- asl FineAssBitch69- BITCH! GET THE FUCK AWAY!
by Zer0 Racer January 26, 2003
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