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god...thats it
considered by many to be the reincarnation of the lord
Ashlea saved the world from the apocalypse
by ashlea worshipper December 11, 2007
an Ashlea is usually a female who is a bit nutty. They usually have stories that can associate bodily fluids and puppies. Insatiable sexual appetite usually at the expense of young track stars.
That ashlea just seduced me with her nuttiness, and robbed me of my innocence,
by jlitt May 09, 2008
One of the sexiest girls i have ever known. Hot ass hell in bed in will forever be on your mind. She is known to love the weeds and is one down bitch.
Dammmmm did you see Ashlea today. Fuck.
Me and Ashlea smoked a blunt on 420 day.
Damm that Ashlea is one hell of an executive entertainment coordinator.
That Ashlea rocked my shit like a boss.
by One hung low December 09, 2013
The horizon between despair and paradise.

A particular, memorable, situation in life that could lead to a potentially good or bad situation.

I was on the ashlea, when I looked up and saw myself in the mirror.

I was on the ashlea, when the call came in.
by Eff-bomb May 09, 2008
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