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an Ashlea is usually a female who is a bit nutty. They usually have stories that can associate bodily fluids and puppies. Insatiable sexual appetite usually at the expense of young track stars.
That ashlea just seduced me with her nuttiness, and robbed me of my innocence,
#ashlea #ashley #cougar #squirrel #nut #nutty #nutface
by jlitt May 09, 2008
The sound effect made following an utterly disastrous attempt at humor.
Q.What do you call a guy with a bad case of jock-itch?
me. I don't really care
A. A fungi(guy)

ME. WHOMP WHOMP ......kill yourself.

Made Popular by the Infamous Josh Litt after his encounters will a Mr. Bill Roher
#no friends #blah #james's friend #no food in your country #womp womp
by jlitt May 09, 2008
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