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The second of the three keyboard brothers unlike qwerty it is less frequently used as a password and less likely to pop up in other textual references for example the QWERTY keyboard is not named the ASDFGH keyboard. The zxcvbn is the other brother to asdfgh and is the youngest. Asdfgh has been seen less of because the qwerty line uses 4 of the 5 vowels (or 5 of the 6 if you include "y" as a vowel)
Asdfgh is equally important to the world renowned qwerty and the less heard of zxcvbn.
Finding this word as a reference will be hard but many passwords use the 3 line brothers in or as their password. Here is one well disputed example for their is little known historic reference. "asdfgh-keyboard is most commonly known as the qwerty keyboard."
by Jayden Tan April 12, 2008
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1. The first 6 middle keys on your keyboard.

2. The most common spam to use.
1. AGK lost way more keys than these...

3. asdfgh yu nob
by My nam be eaten August 07, 2008
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Said when a person is frustrated or excited, beyond words.
1. My dad locked me out of the house today. It was twenty degrees! Asdfgh!!!

2. OhmyGod, Katie, I met PETE WENTZ today! Asdfgh!!!
by riseandshine18 January 28, 2010
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the keys 'a' 's' 'd' 'f' 'g' 'h'

1) instead of saying LOL, you say asdfgh.
hey elliot! how are you?

asdfgh leave me alone.
by BOOBOK September 12, 2009
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