ASDA bribed Koppel and Pete Winkelman to steal Wimbledon FC from south London to facilitate the building of a superstore in Milton Keynes.
ASDA are collaborators of Pete Winkelman.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
National Supemarket chain, more often referred to as "de asda" (the asda)
"i'm just nipping down to de asda"
by Albert98 August 03, 2005
Adj. meaning cheap or skanky due to its common use with people who shop at that supermarket. This started off due to the advertising campaign - 'Asda Mums' and was involuntary but oh well, bad luck, Asda, what are you going to do?
Asda mums - good for you!
That boy is so Asda, he won't have a nice phone!
by TJP May 09, 2005
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