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Arrakis, later Rakis (known colloquially as "Dune") is a desert planet with almost no water at all, and is the only known source of the spice Melange which makes interstellar travel possible. It is native home of the Fremen.
Arrakis is the power center of the Imperium.
by Ian June 13, 2004
Also known as "Dune", a desert world, the third planet of Canopus. Home of the sandworms which produce melange.
I would never go to Arrakis.
by TPTB November 29, 2003
Lame place, full of worms and sand, not good vacation spot,
some fremen, shoot on sight, value water too much, should all be killed, see Operation Arrakis Freedom
"i dont know man, we arrived and all we could see was sand, then a worm ate us and shat us out as MORE sand, THEN we called the travel agency"
by hex_ten December 01, 2003
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