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a advjective used to describe to what level something kicks ass.
"yo son, that chain is off da arif, ya know what ah mean?"
by fdgaefdg February 22, 2005
A closet socialite
One day Arif is going to go absolutely mental
#rice #isn't it #babe #lad #nutter
by almurray October 06, 2009
sex symbol, always referred to in contex of outside appeal or appearance
This "arif" character is so smooth
#smooth #sexy #cute #handsome #lovable
by anonymous river December 06, 2012
An exceedingly rich person who feels the need to iron his under garments
Stop acting like an arif and come to our ghetto party!
#rich #youngest millionaire #elite #champagne socialist #the jet set
by ribz August 22, 2014
( n ) Male name of Muslim descent ( The only terrorist I personally know )

Average guy that prefers not having pepperonis on his pizza. Spontaneous and excited, he always has ideas to share.

Usually has a curfew around 7-8pm for unknown yet suspicious reasons. Recently acted upon blasphemous endeavors to ask a Christian ( non-muslim ) girl to a pointless event. He shall pray for forgiveness...
Arif- " Order a veggie pizza for me "

Arif- " Aidan you're fucking stupid bro "

Arif- " Lets go get coffee at starbucks "
#terrorist #arif #veggie pizza #wild cat #blasphemy
by Some Wild Cat November 03, 2010
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