Hebrew:Lioness of God
"that girl's name is Ariel"
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy&z February 02, 2010
Sex position in which the man lays on his back, legs bent, but feet planted. Chick faces reverse cowboy-style leaning on his thighs. She must go "AH AH AHHH" to properly complete the position. Reminiscent of "The Little Mermaid"
Janey made me watch another Disney movie, so I did the Ariel with her that night.
by Katben November 17, 2009
Although most sites tend to define this name to originate From Hebrew roots, meaning "Lion of God", this is a misconception; in it's contemporary meaning it actually means "Melodic Singer".

Ariel's tend to be extremely cute, hobbit like creatures, who value knitting and their grills

They are hilarious, with infectious laughs and have unrivaled napping ability. This is contagious too.

overall ariels tend to be some pretty cool cats.
"damn did you see that ariel over there?! that tric is a dime-piece
by kumarbrownballa August 19, 2009
A really awesome person who's super fun to hang around! They usually have a liking for stuffed animals, and love the snow and snowflakes during winter. They are always amazingly nice and super cool, wonderful people!
"Dude, have you ever met someone more awesome than Ariel?"
by Falewale April 25, 2012
Before that stupid little mermaid ever existed, Ariel was usually a man's name, although it can be feminine too. It's a Jewish name found in the Hebrew Scriptures (Ezra 8:16 and Isaiah 29:1-2,7).

According to the Strong's Hebrew dictionary it literally means "Lion of God" it can also be interpreted to mean "Mighty Lion" (Proverbs 28:15; Nahum 2:11;
2 Samuel 23:20; 1 Chronicles 11:22). It can symbolically refer to Jerusalem because the symbol for the Jewish tribe among the 12 tribes of Israel was a lion.
When pronounced the original way it's supposed to sound more like: Ah-ree-EL, or Aw-ree-EL, NOT Air-ree-yell. The former Prime Minister of Israel's first name was also Ariel. Just ask any Jew, they'll tell you.

Otherwise, it makes a nice girl's name when it's pronounced Disney-style.
"Ariel, you really are God's favorite cat."
by Ariel (Yes, really) April 30, 2012
A dirty slut that likes to do anal in a super hot car
Bob: did you see Ariel?
Gillian: yeah she's a crazy girl the sex was great. Hot car though
by Dirtymonkey November 13, 2014
my turd nugget
Ariel is so nasty, she farts in my face all the time! But I love her...
by whitebutt November 16, 2012

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