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5 definitions by Kikyo

Earth-clueless alien/Teen Titan.
"Cyborg, this tangy yellow beverage is delightful!"
"That's mustard!"
"Is there more?"
by Kikyo October 31, 2003
Japanese (pronounciation) for the colour black.
Naraku's (c) hair is black.
by Kikyo November 08, 2003
Japanese (pronounciation) for the colour white.
Inuyasha's (c) hair is shiro.
by Kikyo November 08, 2003
1. Actress/singer who portrays the title character (with her own name) in Disney's "That's So Raven". Also see Raven-Symone.
2. The dark, mysterious Teen Titan with a misty past.
1. Raven is a member of the Circle of Stars.
2. "Statistically, I guess someone has to."
by Kikyo October 31, 2003
Mermaid princess (and daughter of King Triton) who longed to be human in Disney's (crappy) remake of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid".
Ariel sucks.
by Kikyo October 27, 2003