my turd nugget
Ariel is so nasty, she farts in my face all the time! But I love her...
by whitebutt November 16, 2012

pro-active, people-oriented, with sense of urgency, with initiative, smart Service Level Technician.
He's/She's such an Ariel.
by gakinohime September 03, 2006
A man incompetent of handling a woman.
He is very dirty, mischievous, outgoing and a fierce alchoholic, who constantly losing his pants.
He is loving but under the influence of alchohol, he laughs evilly to himself when he causes trouble.
He likes hurting peoples feelings, thats why he doesnt have many friends.
When approaching an Ariel, make sure to have taco bell or liquor to surender against your will.
Dude: (walking)
Ariel: HEY! Hey you!! Yea You!! Are you forgetting something!

Ariel: You know the drill, TACOS OUT, HANDS UP!
Dude: All i have is this Appelton!

.... To be continued ....
by BESTBUDD August 31, 2010
An Ariel is any girl who likes Facebook a little too much, using it as a soporific when any self-respecting person would just dose themselves with sleeping pills or whiskey.
I swear she chatted with me until 4 in the morning! Such an Ariel!
by james, earl of jones February 05, 2010
leader of the Israeli government.
Ariel Sharon
by Az November 09, 2003
The sluttiest of all the Disney princesses, but still pretty damn cute.
Ariel saved Eric's life.
by the ultimate clear August 30, 2009
The poor, unfortunate soul (so sad, too bad) who stupidly gives her voice to an evil sea witch. Ariel's are meant to be loving oblivious to life. Note: this is from a Disney movie.
Flounder: Wow, man, I gotta say... Ariel was pretty damn stupid.

Sebastian: No dur! She gave away her voice. How much dumber can you get?!
by teamvolturi December 24, 2009

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