the girl with a striking aura. she's simplistically beautiful. and loves to flirt. she can be shy, but has her crazy side around her friends. you will fall in love quick.
That girl ariel sits in my class.
by bbygirl21 June 26, 2015
A beautiful young lady who is very caring and loving but hides her feelings , she's very smart and the room lights up everytime she walks in . She keep smiles on people face and is not that loud but when you tick her off she's more like a siren people love ariel's there beautiful , talented , and very smart .
I love me an ariel.
by OG.💸 September 06, 2015
A really good friend if your in a bind. An Ariel is also really sexy and every boy chases her. There's nothing better than an Ariel. So boys if you ever run into an Ariel don't ever let her slip away cause you could need her help some day!
I love Ariel, I wish she didn't have to move.

Yeah. To bad I never got her number.
by Hot girl XD June 14, 2016
When you suck a dick too hard, and you lose your voice.
I sucked Mark's dick so deep that I lost my voice for three days. A total Ariel moment ... Call him Ursula!
by Geofferson.scott August 12, 2015
A dirty slut that likes to do anal in a super hot car
Bob: did you see Ariel?
Gillian: yeah she's a crazy girl the sex was great. Hot car though
by Dirtymonkey November 13, 2014
my turd nugget
Ariel is so nasty, she farts in my face all the time! But I love her...
by whitebutt November 16, 2012

pro-active, people-oriented, with sense of urgency, with initiative, smart Service Level Technician.
He's/She's such an Ariel.
by gakinohime September 03, 2006
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