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Also used when immitating scary monsters. Like the one that comes at the of Buffy....
Just randonly say it to your friends, and make your hands into scary claw shapes.... :-p
by Ellie November 30, 2003
17 37
Alternate Reality Game

An ARG is an online game with stories and characters whom you must assist in some manner via solving puzzles/challenges. Bigger ARGs may have real-life challenges, such as a meeting with one of the characters or picking up information somewhere.

A few well-known ARGs are I Love Bees, Seen James?, The Art of the Hiest and The Beast.
I love Perplex City, but Haunted Apiary was a much better ARG.
by Hikari June 06, 2005
257 114
A term used to show confirmation or frustration
Arg! I forgot my damn bag!
by anonymous May 28, 2003
140 91
Excellent school located in the fine town of Petersburg VA. Home to a student body that brings to mind cerial (fruits, nuts, and flakes). The cool kids are few, the unnoticed many, and the truly disliked few. Also has hot girls.
ARGS - Home of the dragons. And the class of 06, which is the best class ever.
by 06r0xz October 04, 2004
37 15
An expression of great displeasure or pain
Arg I have to go to school today!
by Jmasta June 21, 2005
12 2
When pissed off one might use the term "arg" to express him or herself.................
as in "Arg! my mom's being a bitch, i can't go see the movie".
by blackductape March 17, 2005
6 1
used to describe the forelimbs of quadrapeds, the specialized extremities that are a combination of both 'arms' and 'legs', equivalent to legs/arms.
May be applied to humans and other bipeds in a fashion similar to cankles.
Look at the args on that wanker!

That bloke should quit eating so much cheese, he's gonna blow an arg.
by Camerck November 05, 2006
7 7
to give or receive a rectal gimp
-Yo jose how was last night with Bruce?
-Oh man we have crazy butt sex, he even gave me ARG!.
-Ew dude dont talk about that with me.
by Nicky A January 15, 2009
2 3