This is the swedish word word for mad.
I am so mad!

Jag är så arg!
by perlindell November 24, 2008
Arg is a arab water pipe in which tobacco or sisha is smoked out of. It is short for the word Argili, which is translated into hookah. There are many different variations of the arg , all being oh so good.
Yo Bro wanna pregame and arg?
Yeah sure what flavor
IDC arg is thr shit, it gets us mad pussy
by Rawad September 15, 2007
A uncomfortable sound
Arg! it wont come out!
by Gabzilla345 December 07, 2009
if a person says that an animal says "arg" or another person says "arg" they are expressing a negative emotion.
The moose says arg
by dant1193 May 16, 2009
same as above but also used by pirates or pirate wannabees or as an expression of sorrow
Arg, me parrot has colon cancer... I told him to stay regular with medamucil but NO. No hes too good for that AND NOW HE'S DEAD as a doornail... in a door which is really hard to get nails out of like oak for example or pine, Perhaps cedar or some other wood from the pacific northwest. Yes definitly northwest. Arg ive wasted my life...
by hunts July 01, 2003
"Ahh Raging Genitals" meaning sexually frustrated.
"I wanna have sex arg."

"I'm so horny, arg."
by TinkerbellBb July 22, 2009
Stands for Absolutely Retard Guy
Sean: Look at him, he is so ARG!!
Rickie: Yeah, he's so emol!!!
by K3LV1N April 18, 2008
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