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To kill, murder, ice, wack, or otherwise eliminate someone
He caught his wife cheating on him with some hot shot lawyer, he greased em' both.
by hunts January 20, 2004
Friend, partner, comrade, brother, amigo, hombre. All are meanins of this word
Wo, back it up patna
by hunts July 01, 2003
same as above but also used by pirates or pirate wannabees or as an expression of sorrow
Arg, me parrot has colon cancer... I told him to stay regular with medamucil but NO. No hes too good for that AND NOW HE'S DEAD as a doornail... in a door which is really hard to get nails out of like oak for example or pine, Perhaps cedar or some other wood from the pacific northwest. Yes definitly northwest. Arg ive wasted my life...
by hunts July 01, 2003

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