A genre of online gaming involving story telling, puzzles, real world events, and talking to characters in the game. The people (aka intiates) who play these games are some of the biggest losers around. Very few and far between are the "normies". The only scum lower than the stereotypical ARG player are LARPers (Live Action Role Playing). If you ever want to see the social rejects and dregs in their natural environment, go to Some of their priests will talk endlessly about how important ARGs are and how best to evangelize these "games". You'd think you were in one of those churches that talk about God without church and play christian rock and Amy Grant. They can't get over the fact that all they're doing is playing a game.
DrLaura: Hi I'm a prissy bitch. I hate all args unless they're corporate Fuck you all if you don't agree with me. I'm the second coming of Mary.
Angsty: Hi Laura, let me worship you. I have a girlfriend I'm going to marry but I want to worship you Laura. I will now go drool on my Alyssa Milano pics. CYA!!!
Newperson1: OMG I just found an ARG!
Administrator: SHUT UP NEWPERSON1 you are inferior, rtfb and stop talking!
Newperson1: What?
Korn: I fucking hate things that are different. Fuck new things.
YappyDog: I hate it when people who aren't me talk. Why can't you all see I'm constantly bleeding.
Newperson1: What's wrong with you people?
Newperson2: OMG I solved a puzzle!
LackyNumber12: -yawn- big deal Newperson2 we all did that years ago, 'sides it was solved LAST WEEK!!! DONT YOU READ THE BOARDS???? STFU!
LackyNumber144: Wowz! i just loooked at a pic of Christy Dorga! She is our queen!
by Ex ARG Player January 12, 2006
Top Definition
Alternate Reality Game

An ARG is an online game with stories and characters whom you must assist in some manner via solving puzzles/challenges. Bigger ARGs may have real-life challenges, such as a meeting with one of the characters or picking up information somewhere.

A few well-known ARGs are I Love Bees, Seen James?, The Art of the Hiest and The Beast.
I love Perplex City, but Haunted Apiary was a much better ARG.
by Hikari June 06, 2005
A term used to show confirmation or frustration
Arg! I forgot my damn bag!
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
Excellent school located in the fine town of Petersburg VA. Home to a student body that brings to mind cerial (fruits, nuts, and flakes). The cool kids are few, the unnoticed many, and the truly disliked few. Also has hot girls.
ARGS - Home of the dragons. And the class of 06, which is the best class ever.
by 06r0xz October 04, 2004
An expression of great displeasure or pain
Arg I have to go to school today!
by Jmasta June 21, 2005
When pissed off one might use the term "arg" to express him or herself.................
as in "Arg! my mom's being a bitch, i can't go see the movie".
by blackductape March 17, 2005
to give or receive a rectal gimp
-Yo jose how was last night with Bruce?
-Oh man we have crazy butt sex, he even gave me ARG!.
-Ew dude dont talk about that with me.
by Nicky A January 15, 2009
used to describe the forelimbs of quadrapeds, the specialized extremities that are a combination of both 'arms' and 'legs', equivalent to legs/arms.
May be applied to humans and other bipeds in a fashion similar to cankles.
Look at the args on that wanker!

That bloke should quit eating so much cheese, he's gonna blow an arg.
by Camerck November 05, 2006

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