animal with long snout and likes to eat ants. (also known as ant eater)
there are two fanous ardvarks:
1: Otis the ardvark. Old CBBC presenter (puppet) and copletely ruled the roost. Left there and started doing odd jobs on and off TV. (Live and Kicking, charaty fund-raisers)
has not been seen for a number of months/years
2: Arthur the ardvark. Star of cartoon on CBBC (arthur) with a teenage ardvark with big glasses and a 5 year old sister who likes cows. call it random. call it funny. call it rubbish, but it is still regularly shown despite many complaints about the lack of arthur's nose.
1: Otis was the best and i want him bck. *sniffs and gases remorefully into blankness*
by born in the wrong decade November 30, 2004
Top Definition
meaning alright, derived from the slang word ard, a short way of saying alright.

May put "O" before for emphasis. As in "O Ardvark!"
Ethan:"Yooooo, music theory homework... you do it?"

Evan:"Haha, yea right, ill do it during 4th period"

Ethan:"O Ardvark, same here."
by Shmead February 01, 2010
Uncircumcized penis
She smiled in excitment as she took out my 8 inch ardvark
by Hairy Palmer January 24, 2003
girls area code.. (vagina)
woww.ur ardvark is loose!!
by dhgajlghfkj;gf. February 20, 2011

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