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A boss. Owns kids in blops and nba. Very cool and a handsome devil. People look up to a Ardi. Gets good grades . All the girls love him. Great kid all in all. :D
Guy 1: Yo is that Ardi?

Guy 2: Yeah it is I look up to him
by yakids2022 March 26, 2011
38 9
Used to describe someone with the skills and patience for arduous research.
"I wish I were Ardis enough to trace the personal correspondence of the bricklayer who built the rock wall around Dudler's Inn."
by Ghost of the Archives February 02, 2010
8 4
a awkward white boy who thinks hes hood.
Person 1: heyy dude see that poser over there?
Person 2: ooh thats ardi.
by TotesAmaze. January 26, 2011
30 32
Apparently, our newest and oldest ancestor, even older than the infamous Lucy. She is not an ape, nor a human, nor even the thing in between.

Her name was shortened from Ardipithecus ramidus, a species she is a part of. She has a small brain and weighs 110 pounds. Her remains were found in Ethiopia, and supposedly lived about 4.4 million years ago.
The missing link's got nothing on Ardi.
by ACityAftrUs October 03, 2009
10 15
Short form of Bacardi
Hanzel: Hey bro wat you hittin up tonight?
Snow White: Oh just sum Ardi
by Mandy April 17, 2005
10 17