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Sex in bed, the shower, hot tub, beach or just about anywhere.
Neil, we must fuze right now!!

Soooo uhhh, wana fuze?
by Ultimate Best Vamp Ever March 22, 2005
1. the most awesomest beverage in the entire world

2. a substitute word for another term that starts with "fu"
1. carly: yo, my lil fuze head, whatcha drinkin?
sami: hey, sexy lil carls, just fuze
carly: that's awesome stuff right derrrrrrr
sami: u betcha

2. carly: hey, sami, what's up?
sami: fuze yourself, loser
carly: i'm not a loser because i drink fuze
sami: whatever
by runnergirl5100 January 28, 2005
That drink that you buy in a vending machine or at the store. Many different flavors, but the best is Banana Colada. Don't try any of the other ones. They are nasty and they fail at life. You have been warned.
Dan: Hey! Do you have $1?
Bob: No, why?
Dan: Because I wanted to buy me one of those Fuze drinks!
Bob: Don't get anything besides the Banana Colada. Every other flavor fails at life.
by *~*aShLeY*~* March 13, 2008
pleasuring a cow in the ass
Logan:"Hey Beth, what were you doing after you got done on the tractor?"
Beth:"Oh you know, just fuze ing it up a little... damn Bessy kicks hella hard! Oh shit gotta go. Gunna go txt Cody or Johnllz."
Just another word out there that starts with "Fu"
1.Go fuze yourself you motherfuzer

2.Fuze the fuzing fuzers
by Aleksey July 18, 2005
A homo UT player who couldn't hit a combo for his life!
jesus christ fuze sucks
by danima1 June 25, 2003
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