An acronym for a medical syndrome of the lungs. It stands for Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

It is characterized as a rapid onset of progressive malfunction of the lungs usually associated with the malfunction of other organs due to the inability to take up oxygen. The condition is associated with extensive lung inflammation and small blood vessel injury in all affected organs. It is an acute and life threatening illness.
The survival rate for patients with severe ARDS who receive appropriate treatment is about 60%; if the severe hypoxemia of ARDS is not recognized and treated, cardiopulmonary arrest occurs in 90% of patients.
by Matt October 21, 2005
stands for "Awkward Restroom Dialogue;" typically used between males after a conversation is started in the most uncomfortable of places: the bathroom. Can also refer to any awkward bathroom situation (i.e. your boss/teacher walks in).
Dude 1: "Dude, that guy walked up to the urinal right next to me when there were clearly others open and started a conversation."

Dude 2: Ard.
by askdfmnsajfnadsf October 02, 2011
Referring to someone as a retard, in a non-offensive manor.
Did you just see that guy? He just walked into the glass door, what an ard!
by baker1321 October 09, 2011
Meaning " Al-right Dawg"
by brittyouregay November 05, 2010
A type of school system based in mentally retarded, handicapped or phyiscally disabled individuals who do not meet the standard of human intelligence quotiant necessary to accomplish regular life skills and task.
That dog belongs to an ARD classroom because his intelligence is not human-like.
by Webster's New Age Dictionary August 18, 2003
Anal Retentive Dissorder

similar to OCD but less violent.
Dude, im most deff ARD, seriously i cant stand having fucking things out of order
by xTharobbyX November 09, 2006
replaces the present tense use of the "to be" verb for awesome people.
"I ard awesome."

"We ard friends."

"Where ard you?"
by double-hawk February 23, 2008

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