Why the fuck you don't know what an apple is?
Why are you searching for the word apple?
by TiiArcen August 16, 2015
Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of apples? ITS A FUCKIN FRUIT!
I ate the red fuckin apple
by Spidernoises February 06, 2015
A nice, delicious and round fruit.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

if you throw it hard enough.
by Adoesh July 08, 2013
Kid's code word for asshole so you don't get in trouble
OMG you are such an apple, I'm not your friend anymore .
by ghill2004 June 20, 2016
A person with a lot of logic, but no one listens to them becuase they aren't "fun" enough. This originally comes from the anoying orange series and can be used to tell someone that they are boaring without really realising they said something really smart.
Guy: "Hey let's walk home!"
Apple: "Umm, we are home..."
Guy: "Shut up, your such an apple!"
Guy: "Oh wait, I just realised, we are home!"
Guy: "Shut up, you such an apple!"
Apple: "Wow, just wow.."
by Hi I know things June 18, 2016
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