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to be consumed and addicted to adding applications to one's iPhone.
Cat #1: You are on that thing 24/7.
Cat #2: I'm just downloading a Currency Converter and South Park game app for my iPhone.
Cat #1: Dude, you are appdicted!
by Ocean Raton August 18, 2008
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To be addicted to apps
This girl is appdicted, she's been fucking with that ipadfor a week straight.
by Pedrothepoet July 23, 2011
those that are way too consumed with applications on social networks (myspace, facebook) to rejoin the real world.
gurl: "have you seen J?"

guy: "nah, though he keeps sending me invites to his mafia every day!"

gurl: "we need to do an intervention, he's so appdicted!"
by kristiakakiki August 29, 2010

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