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The single best iphone app there is.
whatcha doin...

playing pocket god

by BarackObama1138thx February 02, 2010
A word, possibly in newspeak, often uttered by Asians referring to their studies in school.
My schoolstudy consists of Chinese, Math, and English.
by BarackObama1138thx July 13, 2013
Any lyric or segment in a song where the singer sings with such powerful emotion, it almost sounds like they are crying.
Famous Crying Parts:
"Never thought a rumor would ruin my moonlight!" -Brendan Flowers
"It's time I got back, it's time I got back, and I don't even know how I got off the track!" -Rivers Cuomo
"he's fighting and fighting and riding on his horse" -John McRea
by BarackObama1138thx August 18, 2011
When an iPhone app lets you get points for downloading other free apps which you can just delete after you get the points.
I need to get some new songs on tap tap revenge, but they cost ten points each. Better use some sucker apps!
by barackObama1138thx May 07, 2011
1. An asshole eating a pistachio.
2. Something totally bogus.

opposite of beastachio
1. Look at Eric eating that pistachio, totally bullockstachio.
2. COD 8 is only for wii??? That's BULLOCKSTACHIO!!!!
by barackobama1138thx April 03, 2011
1. A beast person eating a pistachio.

2. An adjective to describe something beyond awesome.

The opposite of bullockstachio.
1. Hey check out that beastachio, John is eating a pistachio!
2. COD 8 is out??? That is so BEASTACHIO!!!!!11!!!111!!!
by barackobama1138thx April 03, 2011
some one who is addicted to iPhone apps.
"have you seen how many pages of apps that guy has on his iphone? he is such an appdict!"
by BarackObama1138thx February 02, 2010

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