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A person that is a fan of Pantera, no bad attitude,
no fat girlfriend, not trailer trash, just listens to Pantera.......but would probably still kick your ass if you bad-mouthed Pantera.
I like Pantera, therefore I am a Pantera fan.
by Black_Rose_325 February 17, 2008
A word used by 13-17 year old Dublin girls (not D4's) as slang for being embarassed as the face would go bright red.
Normally pronounced and shouted like 'SCARLEH!!'
other variations would be mortification
Ohhh Jeeeesus! I just slipped in shite!
Fookin Scarleh!! (Scarlet)

Translation - Oh dear, I appear to have slipped in excrement, how embarassing.
by Black_Rose_325 July 27, 2008
Really really really angry or pissed off!
Its not uncommon to go apeshit:
When the dog shits in yer slippers.
When your husband sleeps with your sister.
When some ugly bollocks grab asses you.
When cars purposefully splash you on your way to an interview in your lovely white suit.
Most things the average family does.
'When dad finds out you borrowed his new car, crashed it into the house then set it on fire, he's gonna go apeshit!'
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
A specific breed of Irish person that vary from place to place.
Are incredibly defensive of Dublin, (for obvious reasons, everyone seems to dislike Dubliners?) Even though most can be 'dead sound' or 'a legend'

In the northside, typically, you are more likely to come across the tracksuit, 45 degree caps, runners types "Here yooou! Giz a fookin fag or sometin!"
And the southside, 80% of the time you are more likely to find, the preppy 5 stone guys and girls, that daddy buys everything for, the 'I just fucked this up' hairstyle that took 4 hours, rudgy, ponies, cars, OMG!

But it is not uncommon to find posh places in the northside and skanger places in the southside, Ballybrack + Shankill for example. These poor people have to live with the stigma of technically living in the southside, EVEN THOUGH daddy cant buy them a break my windows (BMW)
#1: Like OMG hi! A Dubliner! Roish where abouts are you from

#:2 Eh, the southside (wtf is wrong with yer hair? Were you dragged backwards through a bush?)

#1: OMG!!!! Loike me too!! How many ponies and BMW's do you have???

#2: None? My dad cant afford to buy me a pony right now? I have a nice little Toyota though?

#1: a Toyota?......loike, what is wrong with you? Thats what people in the third world drive? Omg! Where did you say you were from again?

#2: Shankill, why?

#1:........oh? Ew, I cant be seen talking to you!!

#2:........*headbutts in face* damn D4's
by Black_Rose_325 July 27, 2008
My favourite word of all time.
Generally a term used for male genitalia
but can be used for anything.
Something crap or shite,
something not true,
when you drop heavy things on your feet,
a word for tired or knackered
a slag for someone who is annoying or 'a little shit',
A word that shocks and appauls Mrs. Doyle 'get-your-bollocks-outa-my-face'
'Jaysus this applemac is a load of bollocks!'

'Nah that never happened, thats a load of bollocks.'

'Bollocks!! Me toes!!!!'

'I was awake all night, and now Im feckin bollocksed!!'

'That little bollocks threw bottled piss at me!!'
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
Another word for dirty, used around Ireland mainly Dublin. Comes from the Mars bar ad where the guy says doirty in a Dublin accent.
"Jaysus you're very doirty!"
by Black_Rose_325 February 17, 2008
A mixture of the words chill and relax
except it seems to be there two words multiplied so its a sort of extreme relaxing.
Can be used for when you are sitting in your garden on a summer evening with a beer listening to 'Time of the Season' by The Zombies.
Or if someone is having a major freaker and going ape shit at people you can tell them to chillax.
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008

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