A beautiful and very nice indian chick. Also, many men are attracted to her.
Dang, look at Anusha, she`s HOT!
by da babe December 30, 2004
Top Definition
a name of great beauty. though in some places considered highly exotic, it means one with great ego but is loved by everyone. (also considered as godess)
He only dreams to be with anusha day and night.
Anusha is a godess, so don't even try to mess with her.
by sexy beast November 11, 2004
the prettiest girl in the world, everyone loves her, shes such a cool person, shes amazing and perfect in every way, theres absolutely nothing wrong with her, all the guys chase after her,
The perfect girl is Anusha. She's a boss! Any guy would be the luckiest guy ever to have her. She's the best model ever.
by enteries12 February 20, 2011
someone who celebrates good definitions written about her, obviously ignorant of the many dark, unwritten definitions people have of her
Anusha: Hey, can you turn around?
Person 1: Sure, Anusha!
(Anusha stabs person 1)
Person 2: Whoa, that was cool--I think i'll write a definition about Anusha!
Anusha: Yay! At least I can't see the numerous bad things people think about me!

(those belong to persons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8)
by anusha-h8r March 14, 2005
dum as a doorknob...loves aria nad johnathan......talks on the phone
oh johnathan where are u
by white boy March 24, 2005
and dum brat who likes to acuse people of stupid sh*t that doesn't matter, and who makes a big deal of stuff that doesn't matter. she is a useless piece of krap at times but she is also sometimes a good person to talk to
anusha is an average person
by babygirl March 20, 2005
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