The position of a person who believes that vaccines are generally armful for health and are associated (yet not limited) to the cause of autism in children.

Ignoring the whole body of well documented evidence that vaccines have effectively cured diseases like polio, smallpox and measles, anti-vaxers most common arguments are based on false correlation statistics, mainly seeded by dubious and discredited studies. They will argue that if celebrities like Jenny McCarth, Michele Bachmann and Charlie Sheen agrees with them, then who cares about a scientists opinion?

Anti-vaxers will generally accuse the opposition of partaking in a global "big pharma" conspiracy, if ever they dare to disagree with them.

Such movement poses a real threat for the children. They are particularly vulnerable because of the time they pass in schools classrooms, playing field or any other social gatherings, which can greatly increase the spread of infectious diseases even if a majority of children are vaccinated.
Anti-vaxer arguments in a nutshell:
"I just don't see the evidence for vaccines causing aut..."
by Xnerdz September 10, 2015
A person who rejects scientific evidence and puts others in harm's way out of sheer ignorance.
Her anti-vax views run contrary to legitimate research and the advice of the majority of the medical community.
by RagnarPickles October 09, 2015
A term created by the pharmaceutical industry to combat people who question the safety and necessity of vaccines
Our profit margins are dropping, we need a term to vilify those parents who are protesting and questioning vaccines, let's label them as Anti Vax.
by Freedom Writer 101 July 25, 2015
The term Anti Vax is a PR created term by the pharmaceutical industry to discredit anyone who questions vaccines, the extensive cdc mandates and the safety.
All these internet trolls who spit out hate and vitriol against Anti Vax, are just foolish tools for the pharmaceutical industry.
by Freedom Writer 101 July 24, 2015
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