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anshuman is used to describe the SUN.It represents the power of sun.For a person of this name it signifies that he is a visionary,a guiding light for others,a truely magnetic pesonality with the power to alter things at his own will.
We must salute Anshuman for his hard work and dedication.Only a person of his caliber can get such jobs done.
by Anshuman November 23, 2006
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An Indian mythical god with the ability to project and show light to those who need it. Also has a very charming personality and is attractive to both genders. Like the sun, the glow and charm of this particular individual and beyond comparison and it also known he was one of the creators of the Kama-Sutra (The Book Of Sex).
Stand by and watch Anshuman do his thing.
by thepandit August 08, 2011
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an indian term developed to explain and describe amazing chronic
man, that is some sure ass anshuman we be smokin
by josh December 16, 2004
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A JACKASS, another defintion of donkey. a donkeys ass.
god that guy is acting like a anshuman man.
by avani October 14, 2004
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