severe pyschiatric disorder where one thinks they are fat and may weigh themselves compulsivley, count calories rigorously, or excercise to much.
Being anorexic is hell! Don't count calories! Just eat freakin' food! Stop when you're full! Start when you're hungry! Do this or else you'll be freakin' anorexic!
by tdgdgd November 25, 2005
Someone who thinks they're supposed to resemble a toothpick and tries very intensely to look this way. They put the DIE in DIEt.

Often around 80-110 pounds.
by itsamemario0000 February 05, 2010
A perfectly acceptable description for anyone under 200 lbs with only one chin.
All those skinny shanks are anorexic, crack-smoking whores and not real women.
by Reacrauin January 13, 2009
1.) A person who is starved for attention (pun intended) aka - attention whore.

2.) An obese man/woman who can't come to terms with their own eating problems so they put others down to feel good about themselves.
1.) Oh no, no one pays attention to me...let me starve myself.

2.) Obese Woman: Look at that skinny bitch, she must be anorexic even though she looks healthy.

Friend: Why don't you put down the Krisy Kreme's and go to a gym you waste of space.
by Rugby12 March 12, 2009
some skinny bastard who complains about being thin
"I can't eat anything but bread, I need to lose weight. I'm fricken 15 pounds!"
by Gerbilweebies February 17, 2005

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