a rather funny disorder where already perfectly fine looking people develop a fear of getting fat thus starve themselfs and begin to look like stickinsects and/ or famous people
they are also attenction seekers who take photos of them selfs and put them on mypace
little know fact Jonny Vegas beat anorexia
by ***tom*** October 28, 2006
n. A mental disorder that was previously diagnosed as such, but was majorly revised to become a 'disease' in the latest edition in the interests of political correctness. Generally stems from poor self-image; see also depression. Curable; if the therapist is willing to teach and reinforce positive eating habits and help them develop, overall, a positive self-image; including telling them the most important things anyone can hear: That they are beautiful, that they are intelligent, and that they can make it, but they need to make a change. Best dealt with not through the use of a psychologist, but by hiring a beautiful man or woman to cook for said person; who will then smell delicious food and eventually lose their concentration and begin to "chow down like a motherfucker".

See also: Kate Moss, fashion, fashion models, runway model, psychology, DSM, DSM handbook, mental disorder, mental disorders, depression, self-image
1. Anorexia is prevalent in the fashion community.

2. Condition of having anorexia: "That model is anorexic."

by Craig B. December 30, 2005
Anorexia is a communicable disease caught by many of Hollywood's famous actors, and also rich white kid's from reality TV shows (see The Hills and OC). It causes an unintended emotional need to lose weight, by eating little or no food, and going on many food strikes.
Did you know that 75.12% of all the paparazzi have Anorexia from following around celebrities so much?
by Overlord Oozumpti June 11, 2009
A "mental disease" according to most people. Mental diseases like that don't exist - it's NOT a disease. Diseases aren't self-induced and it is self-induced. Anorexia is the phenomenon where someone who is ridiculously sadistically self-conscious looks at a barbie doll and decides that they're too fat. From that point on, they see themselves only as fat and misjudge.
Judy decided that anorexia was the only way out of her skin (which was half-starved already).
by not2know January 16, 2010
it's caused when people are depressed or sad, and then they like think badly about themselves and then they don't eat, and they like think they're fat and ugly and stuff. Cause I guess they think eating is the only thing they can really control. So then they start losing weight, (I guess they're eaither more depressed or something) and then even though they're skinnier and that they lost wieght, they still think that they look fat, so then they keep on not eating, and then eventually they realize (or someone else) that it's bad for them and they shouldn't be doing it, even though they think they're fat. It kinda takes everyone a different period of time to realize it. So then they stop, and whenever they start getting sad and/or depressed again, they think aobut not eating again... so ya, that's my description...
Being anorexic is when you don't eat.
by Yo Yo Ma April 08, 2005
it has nothing to do with weight. plenty of girls are skinny without having eating disorders...girls just get jealous and talk shit about them. it's a way to deal with problems when nothing else is working.
my mom died, i was raped and my father lost his job...all of a sudden my body becomes an obsession
by janesayz June 27, 2005
A disease that emotional girls get themselves into subconsciously, being slowly indoctrinated as they become teenagers, that being beautiful means being skinny.
These young girls do not realise the insignificance of physical beauty and therefore throw themselves into dieting that quickly gets out of control.
Mentally they believe that they need to be skinny and that they will never be beautiful.

What poor anorexics need is some good time to think: life is more than popularity and looks.

Too bad young girls get themselves caught up in a socially competitive culture and therefore find themselves into this horrible disorder.

BASICALLY, the disorder is caused by a lack of intelligent thought, resulting from blind obedience of social expectations, significant celebrity worship, a need to please, a belief that life is about attention from boys and other peers, as well as a thought that the social parts of life is most important.
All this stems from improperly raising female children into thinking they must be pretty and that they need approval. Dependancy upon other opinions, low self-esteem, etc are the fault of society, but it is the GIRL's fault that she did not THINK about her way of thinking, her lifestyle and her world more deeply.
Unfortunately, anorexic girls feel like they've been wronged by the world and they have done nothing wrong and had innocently been led into this world of misguided dieting.
They are mostly correct, since society has taught them that the defining quality of a woman is her feminity: beauty and fragility. BUT...
The thing they do not realise is that they, as human beings, have a responsibility to THINK for themselves, to LEARN on their own, not completely having to be reliant upon guardians or media sources to tell them what to do. Encouraging independant intellectual philosophical thought is important.

Ignorance. It kills.
Pre-anorexia girl #1: Celebrities! They'll know what to do!
Pre-anorexia girl #2: Gosh! I wish Brad would just notice me!
Pre-anorexia girl #3: Being beautiful is EVERYTHING!
Pre-anorexia girl #4: Lindsay Lohan is my idol! I want to be as beautiful as her!
Pre-anorexia girl #5: My life means nothing if that group of girls don't accept me! I have to be thin and skinny! I need a cool social life or I'm screwed emotionally!

Adult observer of such ideas: There is a reason why most anorexic people are teenager girls, and that is that as people grow, they mature and think more often, realising what is important and what is wise. Too bad for anorexic girls who didn't do any of that.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
The stupidist and most self-serving, pathetic attention craving illness ever.

Your anorexic? Haha! DIE SKELTETON BITCH! DIE!

BASICALLY, the disorder is caused by a lack of intelligent thought, resulting from blind obedience of social expectations, significant celebrity worship, a need to please, a belief that life is about attention from boys and other peers, as well as a thought that the social parts of life is most important.

"man, I've always wanted to know what it feels like to have sex with a skeleton with flabby, fried egg tits and no ass. Where is Bethany or Jessica?"

Q: Why dont you ever hear of Ethiopian girls having anorexia?

A: Oh yeah, because they know what its REALLY like to not have food!

13 year old girl: "I want mommy and daddy and EVERYONE around me to comment on how skinny I am, and have concern for me, and give me EXTRA attention because I want to look like a crack whore! waaaah!"
by ANOREXALICIOUS September 24, 2009

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