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A young male that is attracted too and dates older women.
Ralph is 17 but dates a 60 year old, he must be a hagger.
by cervic November 22, 2010
a very homely un-kept woman that looks as if she is in her 40's and has really bad teeth. This woman will also be on all kinds of drugs, so many that they are unmeasuarable on a tox screen. The bad teeth of this smelly creature is also used as a weapon against its enemys. the way she does this is by breaking her teeth off using a tongue method that she has learned from years on the street and many years of liking toaster ovens clean. she is also bitchy all the time and has moving warts on her face.
person 1 :hey did you see that woman?

person 2: you mean that homely un-kept thing?

person 1: yeah that thing

person 2: yes they call them dragons, they are very well known for carying diseases and biting off toaster oven nob thingys.
by cervic June 19, 2011
a severe mental disorder in which the individual stops eating because when they see food, the food comes to life and begins to attack them! cutting them with knives and forcing dildos in inappropriate places. you see how fucked up these people can get? good thing its all in their head. if this is not treated soon the victims may die from becoming a skeleton or from deep laceration wounds.
person 1- did you see yane the other day?
person 2- you mean when she freaked out said her pizza was attacking her?
person 1- yeah, that anorexia is a real kicker aint it?
by cervic July 02, 2011

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