a rather funny disorder where already perfectly fine looking people develop a fear of getting fat thus starve themselfs and begin to look like stickinsects and/ or famous people
they are also attenction seekers who take photos of them selfs and put them on mypace
little know fact Jonny Vegas beat anorexia
by ***tom*** October 28, 2006
An Eating Disorder that is a very serious and scary matter. Some people believe that the people have to be crazy or have mental problems, however this is not always the case. Also it is believed that you have to starve yourself to be anorexic and dont eat anything. When really You are considered anorexic if you eat under 800 calories a day. Common Symptoms of Anorexia are dark circles under eyes, dizzy spells, black outs, getting worn out after simple tasks, and always being tired. Also they dont have to look like sticks or bones.. thats just the major cases, there are some minor cases of this disorder where you look thin but not like bones!
by njustinel March 22, 2012
Fuck. Cant you dumbasses read a fucking dictionary?
adj. 1. -> anorexic (def. 1).
2. also, anorexic. colloquial extremely thin, as if suffering from anorexia nervosa.
n. 3. -> anorexic (def. 3).

n. lack of appetite. also anorexy.

anorexia nervosa
n. a mental disorder, most common in adolescent girls, causing an aversion to food, which may lead to serious malnutrition.

adj. 1. also, anorectic. suffering from anorexia nervosa.
2. colloquial -> anorectic (def. 2).
n. 3. also, anorectic. someone suffering from anorexia nervosa.

there is a difference you know?
the disorder i have...it starts as a way to get control but it ends up as alot more. Alot of boys in my school mock anorexics and bulimacs, but its not funny. Both are mental disorders that can result in death. Since i am anorexic, i weigh 87 lbs even though im 5 ft 7...i eat 400 calories a day and when i look in the mirror i see a fat person....I AM OBSESSED I MIGHT DIE
its not fun
im anorexic and its super-duper (jk)
by sordidus June 08, 2005
A disease that some people think is self-inflicted, this isn't entirely true, as no one becomes anorexic because THEY want to be thin. People become anorexic because they think everyone else wants them to be thin.
Anorexia is more serious than obesity as a lot more people accept anorexia as being good.
by Dan December 23, 2004
a severe mental disorder in which the individual stops eating because when they see food, the food comes to life and begins to attack them! cutting them with knives and forcing dildos in inappropriate places. you see how fucked up these people can get? good thing its all in their head. if this is not treated soon the victims may die from becoming a skeleton or from deep laceration wounds.
person 1- did you see yane the other day?
person 2- you mean when she freaked out said her pizza was attacking her?
person 1- yeah, that anorexia is a real kicker aint it?
by cervic July 02, 2011
It is a mental weakness of those who are trying to control an aspect of their lives. Anorexics are faced with a choice eat and live or don't eat and die. Most take the easy way out of their 'difficult' lives by starving themselves the death.
People trying to run away from their problems 'develop' anorexia rather than tackle them
by harsh but fair July 22, 2009
Made up disease by doctors and psychologist for people who make themselves puke to create a artificial view of themselves being "fit" or to "fit in". Also known as retardation.
That girl thinks shes gonna look better by having anorexia, but she is just a retard.
by Unr3al February 03, 2013

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