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Almost president. Damn near president... *sigh*
I remember the 2000 US presidential election... that damn Dubya. Damn Floridians; die, Jeb Bush!
Al Gore, you could have been the US prez instead of this moron Bush.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
The most geniunely courageous and intelligent All-American HERO.
A former correspondant of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show", he was so great that he was given a spin-off show that ended up being just about as successful. Called "The Colbert Report", the show centres around an illogical right-wing egomaniac who attempts to deliver the news with a splash of truthiness.

Colbert was the entertainer for the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. There, only a few feet away from the President George W. Bush himself, Colbert gave a comedy routine reminiscent of his familiar fake news program. The hilarious speech was actually a thinly veiled attack on Bush's administration, and though faced with an expectedly unreceptive audience, Colbert charmed and awed his supporters at home.
His great bravery was exemplified that day, broadcast nationwide on C-SPAN, though barely mentioned by the media the next morn - because of the fact that Colbert had criticised them in his speech.

Colbert is seen as a true hero for his courage, a great comedian for his wit, and a genius for his biting logic.
Charlene: I love Stephen Colbert.
Jane: He's gorgeous.
Liesel: Not just that. He's the greatest American hero alive.
Charlene: That's why I love him.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
The most talented HK artist of modern music.
He is the KING of the Four Heavenly Kings of Pop with his rich baritone voice and his beautiful songs. Winning over the world with his voice instead of simply his looks like other less talented artists, Jacky charmed his audiences becoming one of the most famous singers in East Asia.
Julie: I'm listening to a favourite song of mine.
Penny: Let me guess? Jacky Cheung?
Julie: He has classics that span decades. Best singer in my heart.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
The best singer of his generation; one of the only singers who sing just as well live as on their recordings.
Eason is a multi-talented musician, able to play a wide array of instruments and also having a powerful excellent voice.
He is comparable to Jacky Cheung, also a great live singer and a person who became famous through true talent rather than appearances and other superficial popularity.
Ray: Eason Chan is the best HK singer right now.
Melanie: I'd say he's tied with Jacky Cheung.
Helene: That's still a big statement to make.
Ray: I don't fight it. Eason and Jacky = best ever!
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
Borderline-communist naive idealists.
Have high hopes socially, but all ideas are destructive to the economy and have no weight in the real world.
Supporters are usually the disillusioned students and hippie druggie welfare receipients, not understanding that there is more to politics and government than satisfying short-term emotional issues.
The NDP does not understand how to tackle a problem and get long-term beneficial results, thinking they can throw the money to the homeless and then from then on Canada will no longer have homeless people. Price caps, fierce anti-Americanism, etc make NDP look like idiots, and their leader who looks like Lenin's grandson doesn't make it any better.
All NDP-supporters have their thoughts governed by feelings and emotions - meaning they don't know how to pull out their calculators, use their heads, and realise that their utopian dreams cannot be achieved by such rash and idealistic plans.

The NDP is the party for wannabe saviours of the world. All its MPs failed math as well as economics.
NDP: I still believe in Santa Claus!

Liberals: God, the NDP still needs a night light.
Conservatives: Still wets the bed.
Liberals: Needs to hug its teddy bear.
Conservatives: Damn, I wish the NDP would just explode and die already.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
A physicist who sold his soul to the devil.
Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, he continues to live more than 3 times as long as the highest hopeful estimated lifespan of one with such a motor neurone disease. Only 10% of people survive to 10 years - Hawking has lived four times as long.
Mark: That Stephen Hawking really is inspiring, living that long and fighting his disability. He's a medical miracle.
Loren: About that disability - I bet he sold his soul to Satan.
Mark: You know that's right. Of all people, this genius beats all odds, continuing to contribute so much to the scientific community...
Loren: I tell you, it's impossible to not get suspicious. FORTY YEARS with an MND called ALS.
Mark: Come to think of it, I'd be surprised if he HADN'T sold his soul!
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
A disease that emotional girls get themselves into subconsciously, being slowly indoctrinated as they become teenagers, that being beautiful means being skinny.
These young girls do not realise the insignificance of physical beauty and therefore throw themselves into dieting that quickly gets out of control.
Mentally they believe that they need to be skinny and that they will never be beautiful.

What poor anorexics need is some good time to think: life is more than popularity and looks.

Too bad young girls get themselves caught up in a socially competitive culture and therefore find themselves into this horrible disorder.

BASICALLY, the disorder is caused by a lack of intelligent thought, resulting from blind obedience of social expectations, significant celebrity worship, a need to please, a belief that life is about attention from boys and other peers, as well as a thought that the social parts of life is most important.
All this stems from improperly raising female children into thinking they must be pretty and that they need approval. Dependancy upon other opinions, low self-esteem, etc are the fault of society, but it is the GIRL's fault that she did not THINK about her way of thinking, her lifestyle and her world more deeply.
Unfortunately, anorexic girls feel like they've been wronged by the world and they have done nothing wrong and had innocently been led into this world of misguided dieting.
They are mostly correct, since society has taught them that the defining quality of a woman is her feminity: beauty and fragility. BUT...
The thing they do not realise is that they, as human beings, have a responsibility to THINK for themselves, to LEARN on their own, not completely having to be reliant upon guardians or media sources to tell them what to do. Encouraging independant intellectual philosophical thought is important.

Ignorance. It kills.
Pre-anorexia girl #1: Celebrities! They'll know what to do!
Pre-anorexia girl #2: Gosh! I wish Brad would just notice me!
Pre-anorexia girl #3: Being beautiful is EVERYTHING!
Pre-anorexia girl #4: Lindsay Lohan is my idol! I want to be as beautiful as her!
Pre-anorexia girl #5: My life means nothing if that group of girls don't accept me! I have to be thin and skinny! I need a cool social life or I'm screwed emotionally!

Adult observer of such ideas: There is a reason why most anorexic people are teenager girls, and that is that as people grow, they mature and think more often, realising what is important and what is wise. Too bad for anorexic girls who didn't do any of that.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006

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