a rather funny disorder where already perfectly fine looking people develop a fear of getting fat thus starve themselfs and begin to look like stickinsects and/ or famous people
they are also attenction seekers who take photos of them selfs and put them on mypace
little know fact Jonny Vegas beat anorexia
by ***tom*** October 28, 2006
anorexia is not when you puke after you eat, that's bulimia. anorexia is an eating disorder where the person starves themselves for what ever reason. it's usually to lose weight at first but then it gets out of control to the point where they want to eat but they won't let themselves. sometimes people starve to have self control.
anorexia sucks
by qwerty December 30, 2003
an eating disorder affecting mostly females, but males also, with sytoms of not eating, depression, and often self harming. Can result in death or serious physical and mantal consequnces. Many people affected by this disease are perfectionist who expect the best out of them selves, wich means being the skinniest. Many fail to realize that anorexics arein no control over their behavior and are under control by their diseased mind.
The girl felt she was never good enough, and later in her life developed anorexia.
by lnzns September 07, 2007
Anorexia Nervose is a horrible and deadly disease, that has effects on different races, ages, genders, and so on. It usually is caused by peer pressure, or the belief that in ordered to be loved, or worthy, or accepted is to be perfect and skinny. Anorexia is not something to take lightly, and is soemthing in need of serious treatment.
Anorexia developed slowly within Jane after she was fed up with peer pressure from her mother about the need ot be perfect.
by Lea... June 26, 2007
Anorexia Nervosa. It often goes hand-in-hand with Bulimia Nervosa.

It's a disease in which someone starves themselves. It's not a fad diet, and it's not a choice. People who are truly affected with the disease do not enjoy it unlike the "pro-anas" that think that Anorexia is a way of life, and try to starve themselves for attention.

ANYONE can be Anorexic. Not just rich white girls. White, black, latino, old, young, pregnant, skinny, fat, asian, rich, poor, smart, dumb. It doesn't matter.
She has Anorexia.
by NoriTaro June 09, 2009
It's a MENTAL DISEASE, nobody chooses to have anorexia, UNLESS if your a 'WANNAREXIC''.
Basically, it's a disease were you have a poor body image and want to be really skinny. And it really, really sucks. You can't exactly get rid of it, I mean you can get your eating habits better if you get help but just because you start eating doesn't mean anything! It never really goes away, and it's awful.
It's more common with young girls, not really common with guys.
Retard: ''Ha! Look at that skinny teenage girl over there! I bet she's just looking for attention with this entire ''Poor body image'' crap''.
Smart person: ''What are you talking about? She has anorexia you dumbbutt, get your facts straight''.
by Skinnychick August 21, 2011
A serious eating disroder that cause women and men to see themselves as bigger then they are. they go to many extremes to lose weight and starve themselves so they can fit in with what society says is "beautiful" It can lead to malnutrition,hair loss,stunted growth,bone loss,anemia,low immune system,ulcers,rupturing of your stomach or intestines from lack of food and over exercising,and death.
not only do people who struggle with this disroder have to carry it with them,they have to deal with it everyday.Thoughts,fears,triggers, its a deadly disease that has one of the highest mental and death rate.
I struggled with anorexia for about 1 1/2 years, I dropped down to 70 pounds from 125 which was a good weight for me being 5"6.5 and at the time i was 15 turning 16 I am now 17 and back up to 125 pounds and eating normally,but I still have triggers. not everyone with this disorder can push away the thoughts and fears of becoming huge or eating whats healthy or how much they need to exercise it will always be with them in their minds.We all need to make change of this society and stop these disorders
by IsurvivedThis August 03, 2011
Fuck. Cant you dumbasses read a fucking dictionary?
adj. 1. -> anorexic (def. 1).
2. also, anorexic. colloquial extremely thin, as if suffering from anorexia nervosa.
n. 3. -> anorexic (def. 3).

n. lack of appetite. also anorexy.

anorexia nervosa
n. a mental disorder, most common in adolescent girls, causing an aversion to food, which may lead to serious malnutrition.

adj. 1. also, anorectic. suffering from anorexia nervosa.
2. colloquial -> anorectic (def. 2).
n. 3. also, anorectic. someone suffering from anorexia nervosa.

there is a difference you know?

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