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A serious eating disroder that cause women and men to see themselves as bigger then they are. they go to many extremes to lose weight and starve themselves so they can fit in with what society says is "beautiful" It can lead to malnutrition,hair loss,stunted growth,bone loss,anemia,low immune system,ulcers,rupturing of your stomach or intestines from lack of food and over exercising,and death.
not only do people who struggle with this disroder have to carry it with them,they have to deal with it everyday.Thoughts,fears,triggers, its a deadly disease that has one of the highest mental and death rate.
I struggled with anorexia for about 1 1/2 years, I dropped down to 70 pounds from 125 which was a good weight for me being 5"6.5 and at the time i was 15 turning 16 I am now 17 and back up to 125 pounds and eating normally,but I still have triggers. not everyone with this disorder can push away the thoughts and fears of becoming huge or eating whats healthy or how much they need to exercise it will always be with them in their minds.We all need to make change of this society and stop these disorders
by IsurvivedThis August 03, 2011

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