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To wipe out of existance. Damage in its ultimate form. The apex of the scale of destruction.
While many ships are capable of obliteration of objects, none can annihilate them.
by tt February 18, 2003
the action of totally destroying.
Annihilation is but one of the many curses humanity is capable of inflicting upon itself.
by Reuben August 19, 2003
A state of utter destruction; to wipe out, leaving nothing left.
Countries in nuclear war face the threat of annihilation.
by omega9999 November 30, 2003
Complete destruction, usually to do with particle physics. The annihilation of matter and anti-matter, resulting in a huge explosion of energy, gamma rays.
Conversation between myself and everyone ever about annihilation...

"Wack us some anti-matter so i can go annihilate some matter"
by Mr.Universe November 28, 2005
Last names of awesome people on facebook specifically people with boss status these people are better looking than average by ALOT xD annihilation nations were it's at!!
Austin and angel annihilation

are boss and awesome people xD
by Blackout x3 November 25, 2011
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