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When a person crosses over or changes directions very quickly, getting another player so off balance that they fall over. (term used in basketball)
I'm bout to break your ankles.
by Dustin T May 27, 2005
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Someone who can ball you outta your pants
Yo, Andy Loucks is a badass ankle breaker fo' sho, so get up outta my grill, bee-otch
by Mike July 31, 2003
High Top basketball shoes that are up to your ankles, and could feel slightly uncomfortable while running or jumping while playing basketball.
Guy 1: Hey, what kind of basketball shoes do you have?

Guy 2: I got me some ankle breakers!

Guy 1: Ouch wouldn't that hurt?

Guy 2: Yeah, but they look cool!
by YouKnow1893 July 15, 2008

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