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1) a school of thought which runs contrary to ismism.
2) a school of thought which runs contrary to the school of thought that schools of thought need labels.

Note: Implicit in anismism is a self-referential recursive paradox, however anismists don't think in absolutes and don't dwell on irresolvable paradox so it isn't really a problem.

Also: anismist - a subscriber to the idea of anismism
anistist - one who is against people who are for things.

Possible abbreviated forms: anism, anist
1) Spiritualism and Atheism are both equally irritating for much of the same reasons. Both are philosophical masturbation with no other practical purpose, thus I instead subscribe to anismism.

2) I find anyone who rigidly defines themselves by a philosophy which contains unprovable assumptions irritating. I am an anistist.

3) It would be an anist's wet dream dip Richard Dawkins and Bruce Chapman in a vat of personal lubricant and then lock them both in the same room.
by Anismist September 14, 2011
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