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n. The condition which stems from the attribution of an "-ism" to every concept.

Ismism is commonly seen in academia, where terms such as realism, impressionism, romanticism, formalism, libertarianism, anarchism, naturalism, modernism, postmodernism, etc. are incessantly created and applied to every new situation.

Ismists are too focused on labeling everything to appreciate anything.

Etymology: English suffix -ism, referring to the doctrine or common set of characteristics associated with the root, applied to itself.
Our professor wouldn't stop talking about the vague distinction between realism and naturalism. She must be an ismist.

Academia today is rampant with ismism, with too many isms to count.
by Pimp Triscuit September 13, 2010
The notion that people in or aiming for positions of power suffix words with 'ism' in order to confuse the public and give the impression that they are in the know and the public aren't.
'Do you think paleoliberalism is superior to Hoxhaism? Oh, you wouldn't understand Eurocommunism. You're probably just an individualist follower of revisionist Zionism.'

'I think you're using ismism to look down on me.'

'Are you really accusing me of feminist egoism?'
by LTHewitt June 26, 2014
To discriminate an ism or a person who uses ism's such as racism, sexism etc
Steve: Dude, you are using to many ism's
Carl: so what? don't use ismism
by Lakenz May 02, 2010
Belief that the doctrines put forth by ALL ism's (e.g. racism, atheism, hedonism) are all the same and true, and, while being individually different from each other, are all false.
Your totally indifferent attitude towards my wounds is a flagrant act of ismism!
by Poppa Woody January 25, 2008
the worshiping of the indian sailor moon (ISM) on the world philosophy day poster
Titi: What's your religion?
Kiki: I'm ISMism. You should be too :)
by Omar is so hot November 13, 2008
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